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Why support us - World together 

Our mission is to have every child around the world believe in a better earth for everyone.

Our children are our future, to believe in freedom, unconditional love, living in peace not fear, healthy and strong. Education is the key to honour, respect and love. With fun and amazing adventures which are all part of learning to be a better person. Toys and the books of wisdom are on their way to help understand those magic healing powers here on Earth.

ricki close in the boat

Ricki lands on earth just in time to find the Smarty pants children come together  but Ricki has many problems of his own already.

A confused Ricki meets a very worried Felicity, whose only wish is to find a friend to love.  Ricki is confused how do you love?  Ricki's power is very low, how can he help Felicity? how can Ricki not refuse to be friends with Felicity?

But he has to get his power back in a hurry the world needs his magic. Urgently.

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