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Two Different People Come together

The inevitable joy of creation brought two different people together to write this book. Michelle Richardson, an Australian author and philanthropist, George Kibaru, a Kenyan editor and illustrator who shared a dream of making the world a better place. Part of the proceeds of this book will go towards providing natural and integrative health solutions to the children of the world. 

ricki close in the boat.jpg

“Oh my gosh!” Ricki screams. “I’ve landed somewhere with a big thump right on my control panel. Where am I? And what is this mysterious place?”  He looks down to find his feet firmly planted on a rough, shaggy, ground. He is surrounded by green and brown things, some short and others tall, waving in the fine cold breeze. He quickly rolls out his screen of numbers and figures but it does not compute.


“How did I get here and what sort of magical trick did my big brother computer play on me before I left? That boy is going to be in trouble when I get back home!” he thinks out loud. Some little creatures are flying over head. he looks up and sees a wide blue dome. he had seen the blue dome in a picture when he was little. “The sky, aha!” he remembers.

His computer flashes and he searches his programs to find out what the tiny flying creatures are. To his surprise, he discovers they are called ‘birds.’ How bizarre – is this earth where he has landed?
Suddenly, Ricki sees a girl running.

“Hey you!” Ricki yells out. The little girl with golden hair and a strong body is startled and turns around to see Ricki, mouth wide open. She has tears running down her cheeks. “Who are you and what are you running from?” Ricki asks. “My name is Felicity.” She mumbles, trying to wipe away her tears. “I am running away from the mean kids,” she replies. “What? Who are the mean kids?” Ricki asks her. “The mean kids are bullies. I am running away to the secret place where the Smarty Pants children are,” she sniffles. “I must find the Secret Door under my bed so that I can go and live with them.”

“Oh, my name is Ricki. My brother is a bully too. He played some tricks on me and I found myself here.” Ricki responds. “I must have gone through the Secret Door under the bed as well.” “Computers don’t have beds, silly,” she replies. “Yes we do,” Ricki tells her.
“Oh,” Felicity is surprised.

“My brother is very mean. I don’t know where home is. My computer is broken, and I can’t search the main system for my way home. I will have to switch off and close the screen to save my power,” Ricki explains. He opens the screen to shut down his computer and finds a message from home. His face turns pale and his feet start trembling. He is desperate to get back home

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