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Life will never be the same

Ricki the robot fell to earth with a huge thump, with a very sore computer Rick found it very hard to focus on how he became to be here. Like many kids life can be difficult finding there way through life. With mum and dad often at work with long hours stressed, tired, struggling with the time, organisation and meeting demands on children it can be all to much for most, but life must go on. Ricki the robot shares his story of hope and love for all, the detachment from life to be free and loving. To teach others that there is a life with happiness and joy. Ricki the robot has a huge job to do to pull everyone together, the Smarty Pants children and not so good kids, some kids become lost in their dreams and no one to ask how do I achieve my dream...... my world my happiness ....2020 What a world we live in .....The future

By Michelle Richardson Author and loving mum of our next generation

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