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Ricki the Robot has a very important message
for a
 non-surgical wellness facility for
children and parents  

“Oh my gosh!” Ricki screams. “I’ve landed somewhere with a big thump right on my control panel. Where am I?  And what is this mysterious place called Earth?”

 He opens his eyes and looks around at the strange places he see's. It is bad news for him because when he rolls out his screen of numbers and figures it does not compute.

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Amazing story of adventure courage and positive connections uniting families races and generations across this wonderful galaxy Ken Smith Intergalactic Adventure and child ever 

The plot is so vivid and the characters are so lively and lovely, reflecting the fantasy and reality of children - Esther Mother and Teacher 

An Intriguing adventure that proves kindness, unity and above all, love certainly makes the world a better place, Son and kid of heart 

Ricki the robot travels the galaxy to find  help he must source out natural medicine.  With his secret knowledge to share with the children on Earth this is the only way Ricki can heal the world.  But the smarty pants children must be found.. 

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